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Portable Office

Need office space or a storage facility? A portable office can be used for either purpose with the option available to either hire or buy your portable office. Browse our directory listings to find a portable office supplier or manufacturer in your area.

There are many different portable office models available for hire or purchase if you find yourself in the need for immediate assistance. Your premises could be flooded and you simply have to carry on, you may be a building contractor and need an on sight office.

Whatever the reason you can arrange for a one of the many mobile offices to be delivered to you on the job. These portable offices come in different shapes and sizes and are not restricted to just the old Atco huts that you see on building a site although they are one of the many different transportable offices that are available for you to buy or hire.

Many industries including building and mining constantly use portable buildings as an on site temporary office ..

Demountable buildings are a cost-effective solution to office space or accommodation problems that you may encounter.

These mobile buildings can be delivered to your site giving you an instant clean working place or temporary accommodation building for yourself or staff members.

Many industries including building and mining constantly use these portable buildings as an on site temporary office.

Hiring a temporary office for work purposes is a cost-effective way to overcome an office space solution. Hiring a portable building is a tax deduction and you don’t have to outlay a large amount of capital to get it.

In most cases, like the mining and building industries, there is a real need for a temporary office on site to go over plans in an office environment. You can’t simply be discussing multi million dollar building contracts while two people are standing there holding plans in the wind trying to formulate a solution to a problem that has popped up.

Transportable offices give you that sanctuary to find a solution to on site problems and it also provides a meeting place and lunch room for staff that you have working on the job site.

If at one time you had the need to purchase a demountable building and find that you no longer have the need for it then you can sell it and recoup some of the money that you paid to buy it.

Many portable office suppliers and manufacturers will buy back used portable buildings from the public, which they in turn hire out or sell to their customers.

Circumstances change and you may be getting out of the industry that you are in, moving to another address and job, or simply retiring, whatever the reason, you can inquire about the possibility of the portable office supplier purchasing your portable building.

The education department is another industry that has been a regular user of transportable buildings. These portable classrooms have come a long way over the years with the new portable buildings offering a great many accessories including a fully fitted kitchen that comes with a hot water system, oven and refrigerator.

You can also hire portable guard houses for job sites that need it. These shelters are built from either concrete or aluminium. They are almost maintenance free to run and provide several features including lighting and air conditioning to its occupants when working.